using a skimmer net during a swimming pool service in Clovis, California
before and after several weeks of pool service

Affordable & Reliable Pool Service in Clovis

Our team offers three swimming pool cleaning and pool maintenance service packages to keep your pool at peak condition:


Our chemical only pool service is perfect to keep your swimming pool free from algae and chemical buildup. It’s the most affordable way to keep your water crystal clear.

  • Test Water for Chlorine and pH each visit
  • Monitor Alkalinity, Conditioner level, Calcium Hardness, and Total Hardness
  • Balance Water (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Conditioner)
  • Add needed chemicals along with ALGAE PREVENTIVE AND CLARIFIER



Our chemical and basket pool service takes everything you receive from the chemical only service and adds thorough filter cleaning. It’s a fast, affordable way to keep your swimming pool debris free during summer months.

  • Includes Chemical Only service plus
  • Clean all skimmer baskets
  • Clean filter pump basket
  • Empty pool cleaner bag
  • Clean pump pot basket



Our full service pool cleaning package includes everything from the chemical and basket service, as well as surface skimming, wall brushing, and weekly inspections of mechanical equipment. If you never want to worry about your pool again, the full service package is for you.

  • Includes Chemical and Basket service plus
  • Skim top of pool and remove debris from bottom
  • Brush pool tile, walls, steps and swim outs
  • Inspect pump and equipment to ensure proper operation
  • Filter Cleanings Every 3/4 Months

But That's Not All

We also offer:

  • One time clean-ups
  • One time checmical shock treatments